Vocational, Life Care Planning & Educational services since 1991
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  • Expert Witness Testimony:
    Bauer & Associates, Inc.’s team of Vocational Counselors are experienced professionals who are fully credentialed in their fields.  Qualified as experts in both federal and state courts in Louisiana and across the nation, our team provides forensic expertise in areas of vocational rehabilitation, life care planning and education evaluation.  Our service areas include but are not limited to:
    -Auto Liability
    -Products Liability
    -Medical Malpractice
  • Life Care Planning:
    With one of the nation’s most experienced Certified Life Care Planners, Elizabeth D. Bauer, C.L.C.P. and her staff, provide individualized, comprehensive life care planning.  A Life Care Plan is designed to account for all the durable goods and medical services that a client may need over his/her lifetime as a result of a catastrophic injury.  It involves an innovative and comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to effectively manage the needs of clients with catastrophic injuries or illnesses. A Life Care Plan consists of systematic documentation of recommended services, projected costs associated with those services and frequency of treatment intervention over the individual’s life span.
  • Vocational Services:
    Bauer & Associates, Inc. provides detailed vocational evaluations and analysis. Each client is assessed on an individual basis.  We look at factors such as medical condition and history, age, educational background, family history, work history, transferable skills, physical abilities, and interests.  When appropriate, we also conduct academic testing and/or interest assessment.  We provide a detailed medical history, work history and background summary.  We then assess the future vocational needs and provide comprehensive research to support each analysis and provide further recommendations.  We pride ourselves on our close attention to detail and in-depth, comprehensive assessments.
  • Educational Evaluations:
    Bauer & Associates, Inc. has been providing multi-disciplinary, comprehensive educational evaluations of children since 1991.  Our assessments address the specific needs of each child evaluated.  Our evaluations are designed to help each individual reach their maximum potential. Our assessments have been used not only by families in which an individual is experiencing academic and/or social difficulties, but also by students seeking to improve their academic performance, develop study skills for specific learning patterns, and/or refine an area of interest for a college or employment setting.